Stream Restoration Design and Construction

Environmentally damaging practices, as well as natural degradation and erosion, can lead to impaired waterways within Virginia’s watersheds.  Stream restoration projects result in stable stream systems, improved water quality, and enhanced aquatic habitats.

Virginia Wetland Consulting will design, construct, and provide annual monitoring for your stream restoration project to ensure its success.  Contact us today for more information.

Riparian Buffer Restoration

Riparian buffers are a crucial element in the preservation and protection of Virginia’s waterways.  These vegetated strips alongside streams dissipate stream energy to prevent erosion, filter pollutants from surface runoff, and provide vital habitats and food sources for wildlife and aquatic organisms.

Virginia Wetland Consulting has extensive experience in Riparian Buffer Restoration, providing the expertise and labor needed to properly replant and restore degraded Riparian Buffers.  We offer competitive pricing and expedited schedules to fit your needs.  Restoration of Riparian Buffers helps to ensure the success of stream restoration projects and protects the health of the entire river basin.