Delineating Jurisdictional Wetlands and Waters of the US

Wetland delineation establishes the existence, location, and physical limits of wetlands and waters of the US per federal, state, and local regulations.  Any development project within the state of Virginia must have a wetland delineation performed by a licensed Professional Wetland Delineator (PWD), with the limits of the wetlands and waters of the US confirmed by the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Our staff of environmental professionals will determine the limits of any jurisdictional wetlands and streams within your project boundary, submit all maps and necessary documentation to the Corps, and meet onsite with a Corps representative for official confirmation.

Environmental Permitting

Should your project involve impacts (disturbance) within the limits of jurisdictional wetlands or streams, regulatory permits will be required before these impacts are authorized by the appropriate governmental agencies.

Virginia Wetland Consulting will facilitate the permitting process by filing all necessary applications and documents and negotiating with the regulatory agencies as needed to secure your permit in an expedited manner.